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Bike the Ohio to Erie Trail

With comfortable accommodations, delicious food options nearby, and plenty of amenities for cyclists’ convenience – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to stay at the Berrodin Bed & Breakfast during their adventure! 

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What you should know on your way through Historic Highland Square, Akron, Ohio:

The Ohio To Erie Trail is an incredible multi-use trail, and is one of the longest off-road trails in the United States beginning in Smale Park on the Cincinnati riverfront and ending at the Lake Erie shore in Cleveland, Ohio. Whether you are a family looking for a fun day out, a senior cyclist looking for low-impact exercise, or a fitness enthusiast in search of a challenge, the Ohio to Erie Trail (OTET) is the perfect place to pursue for your next cycling adventure. In this current blog, we will explore the trail, the Friends of the Trail group, and why Berrodin Bed & Breakfast is the perfect lodging spot in Highland Square, Akron, Ohio to utilize during your 326 mile journey through Ohio. So, let’s get started on our journey along the Ohio to Erie Trail!

Who rides the Ohio to Erie Trail?

The Ohio to Erie Trail (OTET) is a popular destination for families, senior cyclists, athletes, adventure seekers, and exercise enthusiasts alike. Whether you are looking for a leisurely ride with the family or an intense trek on two wheels, the OTET has something to offer everyone to enjoy.

For families, the OTET provides a great opportunity to explore nature together in a safe, peaceful, and fun environment. The trails are wide enough to accommodate multiple riders at once, so kids can ride alongside their parents or siblings without feeling crowded. The trial is even designed in full compliance with ADA guidelines so that everyone has the opportunity to explore. Even more, there are plenty of scenic spots, small towns, and small businesses along the trail that make for perfect rest stops or photo opportunities.

Senior cyclists enjoy the OTET for its relatively mild terrain and easy-to-follow and well marked trails. With gradual elevation changes and few obstacles along the way, seniors can take their time as they cycle through beautiful wooded areas and small towns along the way. For those that can no longer maneuver a standard bicycle, the trail is a great opportunity to utilize electric assisted bikes or tandem bicycles. 

Exercise enthusiasts love the OTET because it presents a challenge in endurance alone. Spanning 326 miles from start to finish, the journey often takes riders 7-8 days to complete, riding between 40-50 miles per day. Whether you are just starting out, or an experienced cyclist, the OTET has a trail ready to be explored and challenge you.

Cyclists making the trip across the Ohio to Erie Trail can make their adventure a bit easier logistically by utilizing a bicycle transport shuttle! We would like to encourage you to check out Vega’s Velo before you depart for your next trip; they can give you a ride to the start of your journey, or pick you up at the finish and bring you home. Maybe your trip didn’t go quite to plan and you need assistance getting back to your car – call Vega’s Velo at (513) 620-8812. For those of you coming in from out of town, they can assist with transporting your bike to and from the airport to the bike shop of your choosing. 

Who are the Friends of the Trail? 

The Friends of the Trail are comprised of individuals, community groups, small businesses, and other organizations who volunteer their time and resources to assist users of the trail. Berrodin Bed & Breakfast is grateful to be a friend of the trail. The organization’s mission is simple: promote, develop, and build the multi-use, non-motorized network of trails that connect Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland from the Ohio River to Lake Erie. 

The Friends of the Trail share information about trail conditions on their Facebook pages, display maps with points of interest marked along the route on their website and offer maintenance assistance on sections of trail in need of cleanup. Additionally, they host numerous events throughout the year that bring together enthusiasts from all over the country for a day outdoors filled with activities such as guided hikes, bike rides, and trail clean-ups. 

It is common for members of this organization to offer visitors special gifts and accommodations to enhance their journey. As a Friend of the Trail, the Berrodin Bed & Breakfast offers guests a special gift upon arriving during their stay, OTET T-Shirts & Trail Maps are also available for purchase, and special accommodations for bikers including secure bike storage, wash station, electric assisted bicycle charging, filtered water, and a nutritious continental breakfast!

Mock-up of the Ohio to Erie Trail t-shirts available at the Berrodin Bed & Breakfast

Where to stay when you bike the Ohio to Erie Trail? 

Biking the Ohio to Erie Trail is an adventure like no other. The trail provides a unique experience for cyclist of all ages and skill levels, offering stunning views while connecting many different cities and towns along its route. From rural farmland to bustling metropolises, the OTET is an ideal way to explore the state of Ohio.

For cyclists looking for a safe, peaceful, and comfortable stay on their journey, a local bed & breakfast would be a brilliant option! B&Bs are typically family-owned establishments that can offer guests a unique place of hospitality and fellowship. Guests typically have access to a full kitchen, common spaces, and a private bedroom for rest after a long day of riding.  

Many lodging options along the OTET cater specifically to bikers with additional services such as secure bike storage, washing stations, charging stations, and filtered drinking water. Less than 2 miles off the Ohio To Erie Trail, The Berrodin Bed & Breakfast, located in Historic Highland Square, Akron, Ohio, provides convenient access to the OTET as well as local grocery stores, restaurants, and entertainment. Find more information here.

Historic Highland Square, just one block away from Berrodin B&B, is filled with food establishments like Aladdin’s Eatery, Mary Coyle’s, Upper Crust,Town Tacos, The Square Scullery, and the Mustard Seed Market and Cafe. Once you arrive, there’s really no need to worry about transportation since everything is within walking distance. With comfortable accommodations, delicious food options nearby, and plenty of amenities for cyclists’ convenience – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to stay here at Berrodin Bed & Breakfast during their adventure! 

Historic Highland Square HHS

Where to go if you need mechanical solutions for your bike in Akron, OH?

If bikers have mechanical problems while visiting Akron, they can find reliable service at numerous bike shops including Blimp City Bike & Hike, Century Cycle, Dirty River Bicycle Works, or Bike Authority. All four shops offer expert bike repairs and service from experienced professionals who understand the needs of cyclists on the Ohio to Erie Trail.

Blimp City Bike & Hike, carries a full range of bike parts and accessories for all types of bikes as well as rental bikes so that visitors can enjoy the trail without worrying about maintenance issues. Their comprehensive services include fine-tuning your bike to meet your comfort and recreational needs.

Century Cycle offers thorough, professional services by expert mechanics for all kinds of bikes in need of repair, ranging from basic tune-ups to specialized overhauls. The shop also stocks a wide selection of bike parts and accessories and has plenty of comfort/hybrid bicycles for rent for use on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. Bikes for rent are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Dirty River Bicycle Works is a full-service bicycle shop located in downtown Akron. In addition to providing top-notch customer service and quality repairs, the shop also has an extensive selection of accessories for cyclists on the trail. They offer 5 service package options, guaranteed to have a solution fit for your needs. 

Even if you run into problems after you depart Akron, there are reliable shops along there way. Heading north towards Cleveland, you’ll find Bike Authority located in Broadview Heights. This full-service shop is well-equipped to perform a basic tune-up or a full bike overhaul if needed to get you back on the trail. They also offer overnight bike rentals if you need a rental to complete your journey north to the Lake Erie shoreline. 

If you’re headed south towards Columbus, you’ll find great service at Ernie’s Bike Shop in Massillon. In addition to knowledgeable mechanics, they carry quality products that perform better and last longer than the competition. They also offer bike rentals by the hour, day, or week; so you are able to complete whatever adventure you’re on. 

No matter what kind of mechanical problem riders may find themselves facing while exploring Akron’s section of the OTET, they can rest assured that help is just around the corner at any one of these trustworthy shops.

If you have any questions or need help planning your trip, you can call Louie at Berrodin Bed & Breakfast for more information or to Book Your Stay!

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