Dr. Bob’s House in Akron, OH

As we turn the page to a new month, we welcome those visiting from around the world to celebrate and honor Founder’s Day on June 10th. The day marks the anniversary of the meeting between Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob in Akron, Ohio in 1935, the founding members of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). While there are […]

Bike the Ohio to Erie Trail

Image of 6 bikers and their bikes outside the Berrodin Bed & Breakfast

With comfortable accommodations, delicious food options nearby, and plenty of amenities for cyclists’ convenience – it’s no wonder why so many people choose to stay at the Berrodin Bed & Breakfast during their adventure! 

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Akron, OH

St. Patricks Day decor celebrate in Akron Ohio

What to do in Highland Square this Weekend: St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and faith-based holiday celebrated each year on March 17th. It is a day that honors the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland and converting the Irish people to the faith. While it has […]