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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Akron, OH

What to do in Highland Square this Weekend:

St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural and faith-based holiday celebrated each year on March 17th. It is a day that honors the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, who is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland and converting the Irish people to the faith. While it has religious roots, St. Patrick’s Day has evolved into a global celebration of Irish culture and heritage. From parades and green beer to traditional music and dance, St. Patrick’s Day is a time for people of all backgrounds to come together and celebrate the rich history and traditions of Ireland.

And where better to spend this celebratory weekend than Highland Square itself in Akron, OH:

Parades: The most iconic celebration of St. Patrick’s Day is the parade. If you want to catch Akron’s St. Patrick’s Day parade you’ll have to plan your visit a week early. The local parade takes place on March 11 at noon and marches along Main Street between Cedar and Bowery streets. If you’re in town for the actual Holiday weekend, you can hop up to Cleveland on March 17 at 1:00 PM for the city’s parade!

Music, Dance, & Food: Many parades and parties feature marching bands, bagpipes, dancing, and decorations creating an atmosphere for joy and celebration! If you’re lucky enough to attend, you’ll probably see plenty of green clothing, decor, and maybe even food!

You can join in on the fun at these local establishments; all with special celebrations planned for St. Patty’s Day:

Missing Falls Brewery

☘️ March 17

☘️ Green attire encouraged

☘️ Riders depart at 7:30 sharp

☘️ 10-mile ride

☘️ More info here. 

Akron Zoo

☘️ Shamrock ‘N Roll

☘️ March 17, 6pm – 9pm

☘️ Admission to the zoo after hours

☘️ Local food trucks & music!

☘️ Raffel Drawing

☘️ More info here.

Jilly’s Music Room

☘️ March 17, 7pm – 11pm

☘️ Featuring live music by The Mickey’s

☘️ Green food specials

☘️ More info here. 


☘️ March 17, doors open at 11am

☘️ Corned Beef & Cabbage

☘️ Bagpipers 6pm & 10pm

☘️ Giveaways

☘️ Live Music in the Underground starting at 9pm | $8

☘️ More info here.

Frank’s Place on Market

☘️ March 17, open 3pm – 2:30am

☘️ Serving corned beef dinner!

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